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Brendon Manor Farm and Riding Stables

25 - May - 2011

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Riding over Exmoor


Brendon Manor Farm and Riding Stables was started up by Geraldine's parents Dudley and Avis Daw in 1951. At that time they lived at Hillsford House, just down the road from Brendon Manor. forex market working hours At Hillsford House Dudley and Avis had a campsite, and offered facilities such as bed and breakfast and cream teas. They then started to take visitors out riding using Dudley's 3 ponies and it was this that led to the beginning of Brendon Manor Riding Stables.


When the opportunity arose Dudley and his family moved into Brendon Manor, which they ran as a guest house. They continued to take out riders, and expand the business with the help of their daughter Geraldine. Geraldine continued to work for her parents business, taking out riders and running the guest house until she got married at 25. Fred Coward who had previously helped in the stables took over running of the stables after she got married. Geraldine then inherited the business on the death of her parents.


Brendon Manor is still characterised by the people and the horses. Fred Coward looked after the stables for nearly 25 years, and the year that Fred retired Janet Kingdom started, and she has since been at the stables for over 25 years.


Brendon Manor stables has changed dramatically over the years, originally it only had 4 loose boxes, but as they needed more horses they soon ran out of stables. So in the early 70's the old traditional loose box building was replaced by the main stable block which has twenty stalls, and it can also be converted into 10 loose boxes for stabling in the winter. In addition to this there is also other stabling, which is used for DIY and full livery.


The stables are fully open from April to October to take out riders of all abilities and sizes. Throughout the winter (November - March) the stables are still open but with fewer horses and ponies. We have approximately 20 horses and ponies which are available for the riding of all different shapes and sizes. We mainly have horses for the riding deal, and a few extra for the regulars. If you are looking to ride in the winter please ring to check availability as the number of horses and ponies is limited, this is because many of the horses and ponies go away on loan over the winter. cryptocurrency exchange

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