Interesting Links

Welcome to our INTERESTING LINKS page. Here, you will find amazing and interesting videos and articles about horse riding, liveries, and horses in general. We at Riding Over Exmoor are absolutely besotted with horses and we hope you enjoy these links.

You are welcome to share some of your own interesting links.

Scientific American – The Secret Lives of Horses

This is a great article that was published in Scientific American about studies and observations on horse behaviour. It is an interesting read and we’re sure horse lovers will enjoy it.

Nineteen Really Interesting Things About Horses

Neil Clarkson takes a look at some interesting facts about horses that scientists and researchers have discovered about horses. Some of these interesting, some weird, and some amazing.

Horse Science News – Articles on Horse Behaviour

You will find a range of articles about horses, horse riding, and other things about horses at this link. They have interesting things on horse temperament, socialisation, training, and more. You are bound to learn something from these articles.

How I Tack Up and Warm Up for Cross Country

Hannah Lucy takes you through her routine for preparing her horse and herself for a cross country run. This could be helpful to first-time riders or even more seasoned riders who want to try something different. This routine can also be used when taking your horse trail riding.

Equestrian Management Program: Livery Charges

This management programme is a good tool for anyone who works with horses, owns horses, runs a livery or riding school, or trains horses. It makes planning and finances a lot easier.